Johan Eriksson is a music-maker currently writing his PhD at the Birmingham Conservatoire (UK) in the field of composition through modular synthesis and live-patching. Particular interest lies in the Pure Data programming language. By blurring the lines between composition, performance and instrument design his work explores novel outputs for music made with modular synths. Eriksson graduated with a First Class BMus (Hons) in Composition from the Birmingham Conservatoire in 2007 and has since been in constant pursuit of new sounds as Monolog X. Based in Stockholm, he collaborated with Swedish synth company Teenage Engineering in 2014 developing software to control their OP-1 synth. The project grew into a virtual modular synth in Pure Data called Xodular that was given a warm welcome. Recently Eriksson has been exploring live-patching in Xodular and begun the development of a dedicated hardware interface.


"Johan Eriksson is a composer with something to say and he knows how to say it..his music is very original and very beautiful..I predict great things!" Dr Joe Cutler, Head of Composition at Birmingham Conservatoire