Download ecoSYSTEM.zip ( ecoSYSTEM.pd, ecoSYSYTEM_manual.pdf, ecoSYSTEM_absractions )

The XODULAR ecoSYSTEM is a new modular synthesizer system in Pure Data. Where the first XODULAR system was a collection of simpler synthesis building blocks, the ecoSYSTEM is a much more personal instrument. The modules are more specific and complex. I wanted to create an instrument with a unique workflow and sound. For this reason, I do suspect that it might not be as easy to dive straight into as the previous XODULAR system, but the sonic possibilities are much, much wider.  I hope you have some fun with it! I would also like to thank Joseph Beg for helping me realizing this project. His beta-testing helped shape this thing immensely.

Sincerely / Johan

Download link: ecoSYSTEM.zip

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