Pure Data Modular Synthesizer System

DOWNLOAD xodular.zip ( xodular.pd & user's-guide.pdf )

DOWNLOAD xodular.zip ( xodular.pd & user's-guide.pdf )

The XODULAR is a virtual modular synthesizer environment in Pure Data-Extended. (To run it you need an installed copy of Pure Data-Extended.) The XODULAR consists of twenty modules that the user can copy/paste in any combination to create an own modular system. If familiar with Pure Data, users can expand on modules or build their own additions. However, there is no need to be familiar to use the XODULAR. Acquiring some basic understanding of the user interface and signal flow should be enough to get patching. (See page 3 in the XODULAR manual or the Pure Data Floss Manuals )

This system came about over the course of a year. It is very much flavoured by my creative decisions and patching- style. It has a lot of foundational modular building blocks because I like patching complexity from simple tools. I really hope some other people can get some enjoyment out of this system and I do feel it is open ended enough to light up people's creativity.

Yours Sincerely / Johan

DOWNLOAD LINK: xodular.zip